Please enjoy showing your appreciation for the wild with our sustainably sourced wearable art.


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What we're about..

We are a sustainably sourced small business rooted in + dedicated to conserving our precious ecosystems. Thoughtfully handcrafted with love + passion, not one piece of our art is the same.  Naturally, we like to keep things real.


Did you know whitetail deer shed + regrow  their antlers annually? Our art is made out of those beautiful "golden" antler sheds.

Our feathers are collected by in and out of state harvesters. I personally like to harvest my own protein and love to make use of their BEAUTIFUL plumage. May nothing go to waste.

Reason No. 3 why hunting is conservation: In 1900, only 100,000 wild turkeys remained. Thanks to hunters, today there are over 7 million.

Purchasing a piece of Into The Wild Jewelry is purchasing a piece of our beloved history and truly carrying on the tale. 

Original Seashell Hair Accessories

The Reef Bum® materials are collected by a starfish rehabilitation center that grows and releases starfish back into the wild in healthy, sustainable environment in efforts to rehabilitate our diminishing starfish population. Thoughtfully created, each hair accessory showcases beautiful + natural seashells. Be at the sea, always.


Our ITWco Leatherworks® Water Buffalo Leather Line comes from a farm raised + harvested buffalo Outfit. We purchase the unwanted, but gorgeous + aromatic tanned hides.

always remember to trust your instincts

10% Of All Purchases Go Back To Conserving Our Ecosystems

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